UX DesignMixed Reality

Pivot Points

Pivot Points is a virtual reality prototype and simulation that reimagines the way users socialize in Mixed Reality, creating a new virtual neighborhood landscape.

Design ResearchMixed Reality

Alone, Together

Alone, Together is a set of design projects that use video, illustration, wearable, and VR prototype to explore different modalities of breaking user isolation in immersive reality experiences.

Physical Computing

In Case of Awkward Silence

In Case of Awkward Silence is a speculative device that captures an awkward moment and resolves it by detonating the power of music.

Speculative DesignArtificial Intelligence

Listening City

When sentient AI is ubiquitously implemented around our everyday environment, how will that change our relationships with each other? Listening City investigates this technological shift with an interactive installation that reads the viewers' tones when they speak.

Graphic Design

Selected commissioned works: poster, layout, typography, iconography, etc.